Logo Works

Relax! It is not a rocket science to create a logo that works for you.

A logo is a visual signature for a company or a product to establish recognition.

When designing a logo, look for the following criteria:

  • Presentable
    Readable, legible and easy to understand.
  • Making Sense
    Appropriate for the business’s target market and purpose.
  • Lasting Impression
    Memorable and catchy.
  • Unique
    Distinguishable from identity of other businesses.
  • Flexibility
    Versatile in variety of uses, textures and media.
  • Preserving Clarity
    Reproducible in black & white and in color.


  • A logo is an instant and effective identifier.
  • A logo consist of either text or icon image by itself or both integrated.
  • A logo tells the type of business you are and ensure the audience that you are who you say you are.
  • A logo conveys the look and feel of your business throughout variety of communication channels.
  • A logo is an equity builder over time.
  • A logo is not an ad and cannot make people act.
  • A logo cannot change your audience’s perception and cannot make new friends.
  • A logo cannot communicate a message and unresponsive to current events.

Let’s get excited and start working on those ideas!


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