Photography To New Heights


I am a little photographer from Norway. I say little because I am still working on finding my way in the big industry that is photography. I started doing photography as a way of expressing my feelings, because I’ve always been better with images than with words.

Tell us about your unique creative style/ approach.
I love to portray people in a more creative way than the technically-perfect-picture-of-a-face type of portraits. I strive to convey emotions and feelings through my photography that connects with the viewer.

nina_sundbergA great artist/ photographer is…..
For me a great artist is an artist that can do just that -connect with the viewer.

How do you promote/ showcase your work?
I promote my work through different online art-communities and portfolios. I find it a great way to get my work out there and also get feedback on the work I do.

I also enjoy browsing through other artists portfolios to give feedback and get inspiration to new ideas and techniques. Examples of sites I use are DeviantArt and Flickr, but I am also a member of a number of other online galleries. Mostly under my name “NinaSundberg” or “andaria”.

What do you think about the Internet affecting the way of global communication 5 years from now?
The opportunities using the internet has really accelerated the last decade. And I think we will continue finding new ways of using the internet to connect witch each other.

I am driven to…..
I am driven to take my photography to new heights. And I will probably never feel like I’ve come to a point where I have nothing more to learn.

What do you like the smell of?
I love the smell of freshly baked bread because it reminds me of good times with my family. I also enjoy the smell of oil for the very same reason!

If you have online portfolio (website/awards/credits/client’s showcase), what is the URL?
I have a website where I showcase my work.

Other sites: & (These are sites where I first upload my photos in order to get feedback on them.)