Chitchat: Magdalena Szczęsna


Your Full Name
Magdalena Szczęsna

Tell us about you.
I am 17-year-old student with a big passion for photograhy.

Where are you located?
Konin, Poland

A great photographer is…..
There are many great photographers I look up to. My favourite are Helmut Newton, Sally Mann, Patrick Demarchelier, Tim Walker and Annie Leibovitz.


What drove you to become a photographer?
I was always interested in art. I fell in love with photography due to posibility of catching every transitory moment. It is magical, I love the sound of the shutter.

If you have a bachelor degree/education background; what is it?
I study in highschool.

If you were not studying photography, what would be the alternative major you choose?
I consider studying architecture

How do you promote/ expose your work?
Mostly in web, on my websites.

What do you think about the Internet and how it is affecting the visual communication business?
Internet is a great way for photographers to showcase their work. It is also a neverending inspiration, you can see so many wonderful photographs, get inspired, give and receive advice on techniques…


Explain your creative process in a project? What are usually the challenges and how you go around it?
First of all I think about the concept and write my ideas on the paper. Sometimes I can see how I want the photo to look like but I’m mostly rather spontanous about everything, I decide on the spot to do something completely different. I am unpredictable

How do you think the global economic recession affecting the industry, or the least affecting your assignment/ project?
In my opinion not too much, but I don’t know :D

Who is the person that you look up to in the professional world? Why so?
The photographers I mentioned above. And many others, maybe less known, but also talented people who showcase their work in the web. I would love to work with someone more experienced then me.


What music are you listening lately?
Lately Archive, The Knife, Kasabian. You can check my I am madleness

Name 3 your favorite books.
Master and Margarita, Punishment and Penalty, The World According To Garp and many others, it’s hard to choose three

What do you like the smell of?, i.e. coffee brewing, morning grass, etc. Why so?
Hmm… :D Cigarette smoke!

If you have online portfolio (website/awards/credits/client’s showcase), what is the URL?