Antonius Van Den Brink


Your Full Name
Antonius Van Den Brink

Tell us about you.
Hi I’m a Photographer from Indonesia, 28 years old, I love to experiment with digital imaging and lighting, and would love to keep learning till I’ve found my own style. I am also a big fan to anime, video games and movie, so love take pictures on related themes.


When was the first time you fell in love with photography? And why?
When I was working for my uncle at his photo studio, and became enchanted to photography after seein a lot of beautifull photos on the internet, its so challenging and i like the variety of things and effects that i can achieve with cameras & photoshop.

Where are you located now?
Surabaya, Indonesia

What makes your works stand-out or different from other photographers?
I’m not sure it does? Cause I’m always trying something new, with technique, technology & digital retouching.

What motivates you?
Producing an image that emits a “WOW” from anyone looking at it.

How does working professionally differ from being an amateur in your opinion?
For me working proffessional is a working to fulfill the client’s wants and needs at anytime , anywhere to bring the best quality for their satisfaction.

If you could meet w/ any artist (one) past or present, whom would it be?
Joe Mc.Nelly, David Hobby & Dave Hill.


Who (or what) is your biggest influence?
David Hobby & Dave Hill.

What is your life moto?
If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Tell us several good online-resources for photographers you recommend visiting?

Do you have a style that you relate to the most?
I like david hobby lighting style n Dave Hill photo retouching, so i tried to mixmatch it with my own way.


Can you offer any advice on how to build-up a portfolio / ‘getting your foot in the door’ for our readers wishing to start a career in this line of photography?
Learn what your camera can do for you and then learn about lighting, always give attention to new ideas and techniques.

Name 3 of your favorite (art/photography) books/ magazines.
1. Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers
2. Posing for Portrait Photography – A head-to-toe Guide
3. Light–science & magic: an introduction to photographic lighting

Do you have anyone/company you would like to collaborate/work together?
Dave Hill, I’m really curious how to get his style.


What are the photography equipment(s) do you currently own?
3 camera (Nikon D70s,D80 D300) , two flash SB800, Lens : 18-70mm, 24-120mm, 50mm.

Name 3 softwares (or tools) that you use the most, and tell us the function of each of them.
Adobe Photoshop : the greatest tool to do photo manipulation or retouching
Adobe Lightroom : for managing thousands of digital images and doing post production work
Winamp : to play mp3 music, to boost your mood

If you have online portfolio, what is the URL?








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