Chitchat: Necrania Chmurella


Your Full Name
Anna F. alias Necrania Chmurella

If you have a bachelor degree/education background; what is it?
Once I studied at language high school and now I’m at Medical Lyceum. (But none of this gave me any knowledge in photographing…)

Tell us about you
I am working mainly with dark and fantasy themes, but I’m opened for everything (glamour etc..) and professionally started at the end of 2008. My studio Obscurna was opened in October 2009 and since then I love experimenting with lighting, alternative clothing, makeup and digital environment.

People. Characters. Emotions. Desires. These things affect me a lot and you can feel it from my artworks.

Recently I started to cooperate with Beauty Salon. They offer me lots of services which I can present to my customers.


Where are you located?
Czech Republic. I live in the second largest city – Brno. It’s “pocket-city”  with a rich history, many beautiful places and lots of interesting people.

What do you do when you are not producing artwork?
Well … I produce artwork every day. Free time I spend with my friends, or I watch some movie or travel. In fact, two things in my life are the most important for me : being with my boyfriend and working as a photographer.

What drove you to become a photographer?
I’ve never said “I will be a photographer”. I developed an interest in photography around the age of 15. It started because I did not want to take “just pictures” on my Vampirefreaks profile. (Funny yeah)

I just wanted my pictures to stand out – to be original. I worked with my best friend Jenny – we took thousands of poor amateur “dark” photos.  I had no idea it would turn into this.


How do you promote/sell/showcase your work?
Definitely online galleries (Deviantart, etc..) It is mostly like “someone knows someone” who likes what I do. They visit my website, chat with me and then, voilá – want to work with me or showcase my art (posters, exhibitions…)

Do you work better at night or in the morning? Why?
Night creatures need the silent atmosphere. And I am one. I’m not the morning type and in fact – early in the morning my only desire is to sleep. Muse and all good ideas come to me during the night. I’m post processing from 4 PM to 2 AM.

What is your definition of “A Great Photographer”?
When You look at the photo of a “Great photographer”- it’s stunning. You need to think about it, send it to friends and say ‘look, awesome! ” You feel like something beautiful happened, like “rainbow in your stomach” (Or You want to hang it on the living room wall)


Who is a photographer that you look up to? Why so?

  • Gottfried Helnwein, Jamari-lior and Silent-view.
  • Helnwein is a multifaceted artist, I admire the soul in his works. He is simply gorgeous.
  • Jamari-lior and Silent-view are very imaginative photographers with lot of magnificent dark and fantasy themes and ideas.

What do you think about the Internet and how it is affecting the visual communication business?
The Internet is certainly a great benefit – from the comfort of home or internet cafe you can contact artists, browse photographers’ portfolios or buy some stock photos.

What music are you listening lately?
Well, I’m very nervous lately so I prefer listening to classical pieces such ES Posthumus or Jill Tracy. On the other hand, I can not work without a vigorous pulse of industrial and EBM music.

Rotersand. Grendel. Seabound. Or anything else. U2, Depeche Mode, The 69 eyes. Just based on mood.


How does the global economic recession affecting the industry, or the least affecting your business/ work?
So far I have not noticed it affecting me in any way.

Name 3 of your favorite (art) books/ magazines.

  • Interview with the Vampire (Annie Rice)
  • Confessions of a child of his age (Alfred de Musset)
  • Ninth Wave (Viktor Dyk)

What do you like the sound of? Why so?
I love the sound of cars in the street at night. It’s comforting.

If you have online portfolio, what is the URL?