Chitchat: Joana Alves Dias


Your Full Name
Joana Alves Dias, though in the artistic world I’m know as Shinobinaku, or Joana Shino (combination of both)

Tell us about you.
I’m a 21 year old college student. I’m majoring in literature, languages and cultures, literature being one of my main passions next to Art. Currently I’m working on my first graphic novel, combining those two passions. I’m completely self-taught, but I’ve been drawing my whole life, discovering digital art about 5/6 years ago. I’m also a complete cinema geek, which is one of my main inspirations.


How did you first started grow interest in becoming a digital artist? What’s the story?
I’ve been passionate for art all my life, and I was used to draw with the traditional mediums (oil painting, acrylic, pastels, charcoal, you name it) but that wasn’t my true calling. Once I discovered digital painting and photomanipulation through the internet (especially on the deviantart community) I knew that’s what I wanted to do and with determination I learned how to do it all by myself, and I still am.

Where are you located?
In Lisbon, Portugal

What do you think about social networking?
I may be a little addicted to it to be honest, but really can’t complain, some social sites really gave a boost to my career helping me to show my artwork to the world.

Where do you get inspirations from?
Literature, cinema, music… art creates art. If you see something beautiful you immediately feel the urge to create something beautiful too.

Do you see yourself still be as passionate as today about being a digital artist in the next five to ten years?
Most definitely. Digital art is a part of me now.


What do you do when you have creative block?
Try not to push it. If you try to create something when not feeling inspired you only get frustrated or end up with something with no meaning/concept, but I still work on my technique. Read a book, watch a good movie, that’s what I do.

Whom do you consider to be your professional role model? Why do you consider this person to be so special?
I’m going to say Natalie Shau, she was one of the main reasons that made want to learn digital art, she is still of my main inspirations, I love her artwork and I can only dream to reach her level.


What do you think about the Internet and how it is affecting our lifestyle?
My career leaves off the internet, my art exists majority in the internet, so it affects my lifestyle A LOT. I expose my art there, I learn from it, I get inspired from it and it’s where I get most if not all my feedback.

Where do you see the industry going?
This industry is growing at a very fast pace. Every photo you see on your daily basis is Photoshoped, so more digital “artists” are needed. The thing is, knowing Photoshop doesn’t make you an artist. And unfortunately it’s an industry that has its pros and cons: you can make beautiful pieces of art or you can “demean” the human race, creating an impossible stereotype of beauty (on the photomanipulation area, at least).

What are you doing to stay on top of these changes and how do you keep your work fresh?
Bringing new concepts of beauty. I try to create what is beautiful to me, may not be equivalent to others definition, but that’s what keeps its originality.


Name 3 of your favorite (art) books/ magazines.
All art books from Mark Ryden, my all time favorite artist (not digital though)

Do you have anyone/company you would like to collaborate/work together?
As I said I’m working on my first graphic novel and I’d love to publish it trough “Norma Editorial” It’s the publisher of many well known digital and traditional artists, such as Victoria Francés and Luis Royo.

Do you procrastinate? What is your opinion about it?
I do. It’s a characteristic of the portuguese people, I believe, we save everything for the last minute, which sometimes is a good thing. Working under pressure makes us think in a lot more ideas/options/possibilities at the same time, at least it does for me.

Name 3 softwares that you use the most, and tell us the function of each them.
Photoshop, Photoshop, Photoshop. I need Indesign to make templates for cd/album and book covers, but essentially Photoshop rocks my world.

If you have online portfolio, what is the URL?
Facebook Fanpage:
Official website: (it’s been neglected I have to admit)








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