Chitchat: Elena Dudina


Your Full Name
Elena Dudina

Tell us about you.
Female. Photomanipulatore. Russian Born. Living in Madrid (Spain) 9 years ago. Married. I have one daughter.


What are the most important things to you about being a digital artist? Is it the pay, feelings of self-worth, etc.?
Since child I have drawn. He had that ability. When teenager I began to paint and last years I took up sculpture. Since I discovered Photomanipulación three years ago I have the feeling that summarize all that in a single medium. Then there are the benefits of working at home, the almost immediate feedback etc.

Where are you located?
I live in Madrid ( Spain ). I show my works in

What efforts have you made at “networking” to advance your career?
I started with Photosoh Elements three years ago. Devouring Tutorials. Many hours learning from my mistakes. One year later, when I thought I knew the program, did my first course of photomanipulación, got Photoshop CS3 and my first tablet. Then I made two other courses (approximately 200 hours) .

Where do you get inspirations from?
Mostly from Stock Models. When I see a photo that I fall in love with. I feel the need to tell a story, to give her life…

Do you promote/ sell/ showcase your work? If so, how?
Not so much. Just using the tools deviantArt brings us.

Where do you see your profession going in the next five to ten years?
Ummm ! I really don´t know. I want to continue learnining, developing my technique of painting, possibly tending to the illustration. To create my own Stocks etc.


What types of assignment/ project are you attracted the most? Why so?
I prefer to mark my own challenges. When work on the project of another person, I need freedom. If I’m very driven, very forced, I feel as if it were no longer my job. I lose interest.

Who do you consider to be your professional role model? Why do you consider this person to be so special?
In truth, I have no person as a model of what I do. I started doing photomanipulation not attracted by any artist. I started doing photomanipulation attracted for the medium.

Please explain the worst work experience you had in the past five years?
The death of my parents and the fight against bureaucracy.

What do you think about the Internet and how it is affecting our lifestyle?
Increasingly important. At home we have 2 computers on 20 hours a day. I try to be informed of what’s happening in the world and in my world, keep in touch with my friends, fans etc.

Where do you see the industry going?
I´m not in so I don´t think about it.


What are you doing to stay on top of these changes and how do you keep your work fresh?
I’m afraid not much.

Name 3 of your favorite (art) books/ magazines.
Most books of Stephen King and Lincoln & Child.

What type of incentive programs have you found to work best?
Certainly my tablet. If you allow brands Intuos4 Large.

In what kind of a work environment do you do your best work?
At home. In the computers room with my hard drives with Stocks (about 500 Gb), my tablet etc. In silence, my light Coca-Cola and cigarettes. Not so much.

Name 3 softwares that you use the most, and tell us the function of each them.
I just use Photoshop CS3 and my Wacom Intuos4 Table.

If you have online portfolio, what is the URL?








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  1. Thanks a lot for your interest on my and my work.

    You´ve done a Great Job !!!

    Wish you all a Wonderful New Year !!!

  2. I her works, she has an amazing style!
    Saludos Elena!!