Chitchat: Budiono Tri


Your Full Name
Budiono tri

Tell us about you.
Me do not know, they call me a graphic designer or an illustrator, while me call myself as an artist. Yes, me an artist without style and direction. When they have characteristic and style as their own brand, me just sat silent and found that my style is unstyle.

headshotWhen was the first time you fell in love with graphic design? And why?
When me feel boring to laying in mommy belly. Why? Do you agree that everything never gonna be awesome without *graphic design? *better me called it ART

Where are you now?
Bandung, Indonesia, a place that you never though inside.

What makes your works stand-out or different from other graphic designer?
Because me always thought the same, while they try to be different.

What motivates you?
People, they evil thought.

How does working professionally differ from being an amateur in your opinion?
Amateur, work for study or something. Professionally, work for payment.

If you could meet w/ any artist (one) past or present, whom would it be?
God, an artist who created million man in one style with different characteristics. * Me didnt mean to meet him now, me still love this life.

Who (or what) is your biggest influence?
This whole life, those people.

What is your life moto?
Me dont have any motto, me just live this lovely life.
*damn me just made a motto


Tell us several good online resources for graphic designer you recommend visiting?

Do you have a style that you relate to the most?
Em? Muhammad Taufik, Matheus Lopes, Aditya Wijanarko dan Dendy darman

Can you offer any advice on how to build-up a portfolio / ‘getting your foot in the door’ for our readers wishing to start a career in this line of graphic designer?
1. Be creative to think the same as people thought.
2. Look behind for somewhile and do the run!



Name 3 of your favorite (design) books/ magazines.

Still Loving Youth Magz, Advertising Strategy; Tom Altstiel and Playboy Magz.

Do you have anyone/company you would like to collaborate/work together?
Everyone, who ruined this live for a fun!

What are the ARTIST equipment(s) do you currently own?
Eyes – Hearth – Brain.

Name 3 softwares that you use the most, and tell us the function of each of them.
A digital artwork right?
Manga Studio; for re-draw the scanned sketch with a perfect line
Adobe Illustrator; best auto tracer.
Adobe Photoshop; do coloring and manipulation.

If you have online portfolio, what is the URL?




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