Chitchat: Asli Kolcu


Your Full Name
Asli Kolcu

Tell us about you.
I’m a 22 year old Turkish girl living in London with a great passion for art. At the moment my main interest is photography but have been interested in creative writing and film for a long while as well. I guess a relentless dreamer would be the best way to describe me.


What are the most important things to you about being a photographer? Is it the pay, feelings of self-worth, etc.?
Neither actually. It’s being able to express what I see in my mind. I just love creating a scene that says what I feel. When it comes to more simple work its just being mesmerised by the beauty of the scene unfolding before my eyes.

Where are you located?
London and Istanbul. Half of the year there half of the year here.

What efforts have you made at “networking” to advance your career?
In all honesty I haven’t done much besides setting up online pages at places like Twitter,Facebook etc. I just worked hard and met people through work that way.

Where do you get inspirations from?
My own life and head is my biggest inspiration. Being bipolar I go through whirlwinds of emotions. I love my own dream world which is of course made by everything i absorb in my waking moments.

Do you promote/ sell/ showcase your work? If so, how?
I have had several exhibits in the past years some in result of wining competitions some by curators from galleries approaching me.

Where do you see your profession going in the next five to ten years?
I have no clue besides I will never stop creating. I don’t really care if I am on a gallery or my own living room wall as long as I get to create.


What types of assignment/ project are you attracted the most? Why so?
I am most attracted to projects that involve complex stories and sets. I guess that is so because I can combine more of my interests than photography as I love set building and concocting every small detail like writing a story.

Who do you consider to be your professional role model? Why do you consider this person to be so special?
It would be one of my tutors Steven Barritt at the moment. I admire the effort he puts into his work. His last project for dissertation was based on Greek myths as self portraits in the modern world. He worked on them for months on his own from transforming his body from set to set to building full on rooms. He planned everything to the tiniest detail. Youca n look at one of those pieces for hours and keep discovering.


Please explain the worst work experience you had in the past five years?

It was a certain stylist arriving at a shoot with barely anything that fits the theme or the magazine we were supposed to be submitting to than throwing a diva fit and leaving half way through the shoot by telling the models that its over when I wasn’t even in the backstage. Apparently the outfits were too expensive to be shot in a ‘test’ shoot and we would never finish the shoot anyway.

Never met someone so rude and disregarding anybody else’s time and effort as we had more than 10 team members. Just hate little divas that think they should be in charge of everything. Especially considering she was hovering around me and constantly criticising photos, poses etc. If you have seen somebody’s work before don’t complain about how its being made.


What do you think about the Internet and how it is affecting our lifestyle?
It helps a lot. I got a lot of jobs and amazing opportunities through internet. IN fact my first major exhibit and my first art director job were both landed from someone seeing my website.

Where do you see the industry going?
Depends which industry. Regardless of which one though there are so many young creatives that work hard and hold the world in their hand. I think it can only go better in that sense.

What are you doing to stay on top of these changes and how do you keep your work fresh?
I just shoot whatever I dream of. As I change so does my work.

Name 3 of your favorite (art) books/ magazines.
I read way too much so I don’t have 3 favourite sadly.

What type of incentive programs have you found to work best?
None I am huge procrastinator.


In what kind of a work environment do you do your best work?

When I am left to do it my way I. Sometimes it seems messy and somewhat crazy but it always works because its reflecting me.

Name 3 softwares (or tools) that you use the most, and tell us the function of each them.
Everything in a darkroom as I print and scan my own film. Capture One Pro to process raw files and sort through the images from the shoots. Photoshop CS5 to do the retouching if needed.

If you have online portfolio, what is the URL? is my portfolio.
I am actively posting on as well.




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