Chitchat: Admira Wijaya


Your Full Name
Hi, my full name is Admira Wijaya

Tell us about you

Alright, I was born from an ordinary family at small town Called Malang,on the island of Java, at the East side. Nothing special on my family, I love drawing since I was a boy. My passion on drawing was so big, and my family are so supporting so much.

I learn informally about drawing and painting from every where, including my own brother, he told me how to draw.


In your opinion, what would be the secret ingredients to become a great illustrator?
I think we have to observe allot from all around us, how the shape,texture,color variation and motion really look a like.

And make allot of doodle sketch so we can memorize allot of things and makes our mind and our hand could go synchronize together to make the best artwork we can get

Where are you located?
I live in small town named “Malang”, East Java,Indonesia

What is the most fascinating part of being an illustrator?
Hahahahaha…there was allot of fun things while you drew the artwork, like you could be in some other universe where the other human never been there before

Where do you get inspirations from?
Mostly from all around, from most simple thing like your own back yard may be…and some from book i read, I like Sci-fi and fantasy genre kinda thing.


How do you promote/ sell/ showcase your work?
I use one of popular social and art  web called “Deviantart” and “Facebook” to promote my artwork.

What is your long range goals in your life?
I hope I can make …If God give me an opportunity, one or two memorable things that can people remember.

What types of assignment/ project are you attracted the most? Why so?
Mostly I got project comic and cover for HERO kinda thing ,may be because I like to make action…ahahahahaha

Who is an illustrator that you look up to? Why so?
I don’t know, so far I’m not so much fan with one or two artist,cause I like them all….they are all so awesome..I wish some day I could be like them.


Describe a difficult work/ project situation and how would you overcome it?
Yeah, I ever got the situation that force me not to sleep almost tree day, when I have to finish a battle sequence for spread page, there was allot of  detail going on.

Put allot off  ornament and stuff, and some time you go crazy…but i have to cooling down a moment, like watching DVD like one hour and after that i get back to work again. Suppose to have my mood back and finish my artwork.

What do you think about the Internet and how it is affecting the visual communication business?
Indeed, since I have my own internet at home,i can move faster and got some assignment so quick…even I got an investor. This is no bullshit…crossfinger

If you could turn back time, how would you do things differently?
May be I will bring all my computer stuff back to 1991, when I was in a Hi- get more people attention specially from the girl I like..hahahaha


How do you keep your work fresh? Do you need to consciously adapt your style or does it progress naturally?
# just flow like a water, don’t force your mind to accept thing that really hard to swallow or understand……just don’t get to hard, take it like fun thing

# yes, I adapt from some style to help me improve my skills and boosting my artwork, but with my own interpretation

Name 3 of your favorite (art) books/ magazines.
# The Movie poster of Drew Strauzan
# The art of Starwars
#  Imagine FX

What is your life motto?
Don’t think you were best of the best,think could get more

In what kind of a work environment do you do your best work?
The space that i can work with my friend,playing music out loud and have fun doing it…surrounding with toys action statue,comic ,games and DVD…hahahaha

What do you like the sound of? Why so?
I like sound of people selling things on the street in the morning,cause it makes you more a life and think that you still have a day to living in.

If you have online portfolio, what is the URL?







  1. nelson sam:

    your are so inspiring…i totally feel like quiting my day job in a marketing firm…WOW! i’ll say WOW again and again!
    what wacom tablet do you use for finishing and coloring? Intuos or cintiq