Cheyenne Hope Curtis


Your Full Name
Cheyenne Hope Curtis

Tell us about you.
I was born in Montreal QC and decided to go to Sheridan College in Oakville ON to get my Bachelor in Animation. I was always interested in drawing silly cartoons ever since I was a little girl, but only a few years ago decided to take it up as a career. I love the animation industry and plan to work in it and draw silly cartoons that hopefully make people smile.

myfaceWhen was the first time you fell in love with cartoon art? And why?
Even till this day when I turn on the TV I always search for which good cartoons are on first. I’ve been in love with them every since I could understand them. Why? Cause they make me laugh, and also can make me feel sad..i like things that make me feel feelings, especially when they’re drawn well.

Where are you now?
I’ll be in L.A for a few months in the Burbank area, then back to Canada for a bit, then hopefully back to L.A.

Do you benefit from being on social networks? What social accounts do you have?
I benefit an enormous amount from social networks..although I could use a few more. I have a blogger which is my absolute favorite, and a Deviantart, Facebook of course..Vimeo.

Where do you get inspirations from?
Everywhere! Mostly from children, I think they’re the best. They always say the funniest stuff which gives me ideas for drawings. I get inspiration from other artists as well, but I try not to be too influenced by it. The best ideas come from sketching in cafe and metro rides.


How did you gain so much knowledge in this area?
School helped a lot, but I honestly learned the most from my peers and friends. I still have so much to learn, it never stops!

Where is your ultimate travel destination?
Europe! It’s so mind blowingly beautiful, plus the Bande dessinées are just amazing.

Who is your role model in the cartoon world?
Oh so many..Ronald Searle, Hugo Pratt, Cyril Pedrosa, Bruce Timm, Bill Watterson and so on.

What is your life moto?
Laugh a lot and have fun with your work!


Tell us several good online resources for cartoon artist you recommend visiting?
I like cartoonbrew, catsuka, and

Where do you see the industry going?
I’m so new to the industry, so that’s tough for me to answer. Hopefully 2-d makes it way back into the animation film industry!

What are you doing to stay on top of these changes and how do you keep your work fresh?
I try and keep updated with what’s happening in the industry by following different news sites etc. It definitely helps to know what’s current to keep your art fresh!

Name 3 of your favorite cartoon characters. Please explain why?
Edd from Ed Edd n Eddy, he is so adorable and paranoid! Also Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes, he reminds me of being a kid again. Last I would say Sakura from Card Captor Sakura..i know that’s a strange one, but I really feel she is the epitome of youthful, feminine charm and inner strength.

Do you have anyone/company you would like to collaborate/work together?
I would love to work with Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or Frederator.


Do you procrastinate? What is your opinion about it?

I procrastinate when I’m not inspired, although sometimes all it takes is a small push to get the work started. I feel people confuse procrastination with being lazy. I think they’re very different. Sometimes I need time to think and be inspired which may lead to procrastination, but when someone is lazy they’re just not doing their work for the wrong reasons!

Name 3 softwares (or tools) that you use the most, and tell us the function of each them.
Adobe photoshop, I love painting and sketching with it. My’s my baby, I love it. It’s perfect for drawing, animating, sketching, everything! And my Sketchbook of course, I like to use cheaper smooth paper, if I buy a sketchbook that’s too expensive I get nervous. I like ripping out pages and drawing without the guilt of knowing it costs way too much.

If you have online portfolio, what is the URL?
My blogger:
My film:






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  1. Yay Cheyenne! Good answers. If someone asked me who my role models were I wouldn’t even know what to say, haha!