Breathe Life

I'm a young female Canadian artist currently pursuing an education in the Sciences field at university, all the while maintaining my passion for artwork. Inspired by nature from day one, I love to have realistic aspect to my artwork, but my artwork really comes to life when I include a surreal appeal to my  

Francisco Badilla

Hi, I have 22 years and my history has always been linked to the illustration, I have been punished for drawing stupid, I am very sociable with this art, and I have met many important people, studied graphic design and learned many things not related to this.  

Sedighe Zoughi

Your Full Name My name is Sedighe Zoughi. Tell us about you I’m 28 years old and I was born in Iran. I studied Industrial Design for bachelor and afterwards I decided to change my field and go toward my main found “painting”, in a professional way, so I continued with studying Painting for master.  

Blake Henriksen

Your Full Name Blake Henriksen Tell us about you I’m a freelance illustrator and concept artist with a passion for comics. I’ve been drawing most of my life and in 2007 I decided to go to The Art Institute of Colorado to major in Animation. While studying there I came across concept art and painting  

Stacey Ann Borg

Your Full Name Stacey Ann Borg Tell us about you I have a passion for all things creative ever since holding my first pencil. I studied traditional art at school and after that I got a diploma in makeup artistry. For me art is a form of self-expression and my pieces often portray my most  

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen

Your Full Name Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen – known as Mokinzi around the web! Tell us about you I am an 18 year old girl from Norway, currently fulfilling my final year of high school. My spare time, however, is filled with drawing: drawing for personal projects as well as for various commissions. I dream of  

Always Do Your Best, Be Patient, Work Hard

Your Full Name Ulrika Kurkimäki Tell us about you 22 years old traditional artist from Helsinki, Finland, graduated from art school spring 2011. Right now doing art mostly for fun, sometimes selling. Planning to continue to university to study art history. When was the first time you fell in love with art? And why? Don’t  

Nathanial Castronovo

Your Full Name Nathanial Castronovo Tell us about you I’m a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to art, but I’ve have a focused passion for videogames and game art. For the past few Years, I’ve been exploring the industry, working on everything from 2D concept and illustration to fully realized 3D environments and  

Become a Better Artist

Your Full Name Lum Choon Kiat Tell us about you Oh hi, I’m an Art college lecturer. Basically I was starting as a commercial Artist, doing illustrations, drawing TVC storyboards, children story books. Now I’m more in a field of concept art design for background, character & mechanical design. When was the first time you  

Work as Often as Possible

Your Full Name Vincent Sammy Tell us about you I am a graphic designer and part time freelance illustrator living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been involved in various fields of illustration such as comic books, magazines and book covers. These days I prefer to concentrate almost exclusively on horror, sci-fi