Silent View Studios

Tell us about you and each of your roles in Silent View Studios Well, Silent-View is the one taking the pictures and doing all the technical stuff while I am doing the post-production. And of course we are both extremely creative so we both are figuring out what to do next. It is all  

Chitchat With Bev

Your Full Name Most people call me Bev. I don’t care what the other people call me. Tell us about you I’m a full time student working towards a degree in education.  I spend a lot of my time outdoors, camping, fishing, the works.  I was born and raised deep in the South, but eventually  

Niklås Krauthaeuser

Your Full Name Niklås Krauthaeuser Tell us about you when i had to buy a cheap digital cam for school i started with photography in 2004. after a short time i was working for and other alt-porn sites. after i finished school, i started to work in an advertising agency as art director, but  

Walter Geovani Saraiva Mauricio

Your Full Name Walter Geovani Saraiva Mauricio Tell us about you I’m a comic book penciller,I worked on Witchblade-Shades of grey #3 and #4,on ongoing series of Red Sonja #35-#47 and #49,on Red Sonja-Wrath of the Gods #1-#5,Demons of Mercy,Sidechicks ,War Angel… I always like comic books.I started drawing when I was 4,and met Ed  

Chitchat: Jason Tablante

Your Full Name Jason Tablante Tell us about you I came from an IT background, but photography has been something at the back of my head ever since high school. I never really paid much attention to it until college, as I was quite busy writing applications for websites and such.  

Chitchat: Rob Smith

Your Full Name Rob Smith Tell us about you I’m a 27 year old male based in Nottinghamshire in England. I’m a self trained carver & have been working in wood for about 8years. I find it hugely therapeutic to create something from scratch, seeing it grow before me. I also love both music &  

Chitchat: Jacob Probelski

Your Full Name Jacob Probelski Tell us about you I’m just an average guy, a bit on the quiet side unless I’m acting goofy. I have a tendency to walk around with my foot in my mouth… metaphorically of course. Other than that, there’s not much to tell.  

Do The Important Things First

Your Full Name Aaron Jasinski Tell us about you I am 35. I work in the casual game industry, I also do user interface design and paint for gallery and illustration. I graduated in 2000 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration from BYU. My wife and I are expecting kiddo #4. So the  

Chitchat: Jon Jacobsen


Chitchat: Sheila Shel

Your Full Name Sheila Shel Tell us about you First, sorry for the poor English. I’m not a naive English speaker. *0* I am a college student who loves drawing very much. I was inspired by one of my classmate’s doodle ten years ago. That’s how I got into drawing. Then after that, I got