Be Different

I am a Cg Artist currently in Oporto, I have worked in the different fields of 3D like rigging, lightning, animation modeling and digital sculpting, and for different kind of projects (games, publicity, animated series, archviz). It started as a hobby, now I can´t live without it.  

Be cohesive

I'm a digital artist who loves to cut and paste photos and illustrate with them what I have in mind. I'm obsessed with details and create worlds within worlds. I'm mostly inspired by distorted memories, dreams, artificial versus natural elements, and the sumptuous shapes of flora and nature that surround me.  

Chitchat: Romi Volentino

I am 30 years old, I am Asian man, have a family, just simple normal and happy person, have a big dream,and like working in design.  

Bhushan P. Waikar

Born in India, on 20th Dec 1979, since childhood I was interested in doing anything creative, be it making paper craft, drawing etc. Used to draw house plans on my workbooks when at school.  

DMR Digital Visualizations

I'm 30 years old and I have started with 3D Vis in 2007. I have studied Analyst in Digital Design and when I finished I just turned into 3d Architectual Visualizations.  

Objective Realtity

Well, I'm a turtle obsessed man of justice with suicidal and schizophrenic tendencies and together with my man Philip Rodruigez I founded the Project ''Kill the Dinosaur'' in 2002.  

Chitchat: Chris Whitaker

I'm a freelance 3d character artist with a focus on videogames. I've been lucky enough to work on projects ranging from PC and mobile titles, to tabletop and pen & paper games, and with luck hopefully many more exciting projects to come!  

Chitchat: Gibson Radsavanh

22 years old Digital Artist Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Nationality half Thai half Laos.  

Chitchat: Serafimov Stanislav

Born in 1982 in Russia, in 1990 moved to Ukraine. While going to comprehensive school simultaneously I learned in school of art. In 2003 graduated “Makarov marine technical university” as a bachelor of design. Several years worked on a furniture production and mastered woodcarving. Started making 3D in 2002. Now I’m engaged in interior design  

Chitchat: Ana Cruz

My special taste for the dark, gothic and dramatic aesthetics of art soon made me, as a hobbyist turn my professional life completely into the world of art. Now I have my own business: Ana Cruz Arts.