Be Extremely Passionate

Your Full Name Yangtian Li Tell us about you I was born in China, and I currently live in Australia as a freelancing illustrator and animator. I have always had a passion in art and animation, and I think there’s no other way for me to survive without being an artist. I enjoy many things  

Keep On Learning

Your Full Name Laura Sánchez and Erik Guzmán. Tell us about you We are a couple of crafting enthusiasts. Video games are our passion and a big inspiration for our art. We’ve been playing video games since we were children, we met thanks to them and now we homage them with our costumes and photo  

Isabelle de Kleine

Your Full Name Isabelle de Kleine Tell us about you Hi, I am an 18 year old fine art student and photographer from Western Australia. Last year I graduated high school and I have just completed my first year at Curtin University. This year I decided to learn as much as I can about fine  

Alexander F. Aguirre Jr

Your Full Name Alexander F. Aguirre Jr. Tell us about you I am from the Philippines and currently working in Dubai, UAE in an Interior design firm for the past four years. I graduated B.S. Architecture from Far Eastern University, Manila in 2000 and began my professional career as an architect in 2002. I have  

Juan Andrés Marcial Coba

I was born in Quito, Ecuador and actually I live and work in this same city. I have been studying drawing and painting for around 6 years, I started to study art before I got my Systems Engineering degree. I consider myself autodidact and some tricks and techniques adopted from several teachers have been very  

Chitchat: Mario Teodosio

I am a digital artist trying to survive based on my art and my passions.  

Iyan de Jesus

I'm a self-taught traditional painter from the Philippines. I am not really a loner, but there are times when I find peace in the being alone. I like giraffes and Ferris Wheels, and I don’t really like eating vegetables.  

Chitchat: Sachie Anzai

I am a Japanese illustrator. Presently, I paint mainly out of interest and occasionally, I will take part in art events and hold small exhibitions in places like cafe galleries.  

Abeer Emad Eid

I am a Female architect and cg artist born and raised in Egypt 25 years of age. I am currently working as a designer at aura Egypt (An architectural design and visualization corporate) while simultaneously working on my master degree in architectural theory.  

Courtney James Howlett

Well, I was born in Peterborough, England, moved to Canada when I was only 4 years old, and became an artist very late in my life. Ever since then, I’ve been playing the catch-up game with my peers so that I might become as amazing as them one day!