Bienvenido C. Negradas Jr.

Your Full Name Bienvenido C. Negradas Jr. Tell us about you. I am from Philippines. An Architecture graduate from EVSU, Tacloban City, Philippines. Got my license to practice architecture in our country in year 1995. Been practicing the profession since then and teach architecture subjects for 8 years in the same University where I graduated  

Bradley Rex Rothwell

Your Full Name Bradley Rex Rothwell Tell us about you. I am an 18 year old graphic designer. I am currently in my final year of high school, anxious to finish and begin my design career.  

Fernando Ramón Montiel Serna

Your Full Name Fernando Ramón Montiel Serna Tell us about you. I’m an architect from the state university in Veracruz Mexico, I’m 32 years old and I am starting my own buffet in Architecture and construction. In difference from many other places, in the region where I live the architect is both the designer and  

Chitchat: Aspasia Gutmeni

Your Full Name Aspasia Gutmeni Tell us about you. I born in Thessaloniki(Greece) in 1984.I always remember my self holding pencils and sketch books.  

Chitchat: Rifat Najmi

Your Full Name My full name is Rifat Najmi but my family and best friends called me Ipat. Tell us about you. I am a 26 year-old Indonesian artist specialized in vector arts. I work at a local broadcasting company as graphic designer for a living. I am also a creative director at a nation-wide  

Chitchat: Moncomble Florian

Your Full Name My name is Moncomble Florian. Tell us about you. I’am a 25 years old French self-taught artist. Born in France I quickly move to Reunion Island in my childhood.  

Chitchat: Lada Bordewick

Your Full Name Lada Bordewick Tell us about you. I’m a cosplayer (costumer) who goes by “Etaru” in the community, having made over 50 costumes and modeled numerous others during my 7 years in the hobby.  

Chitchat: Kat Davis

Your Full Name My real name is Kat Davis, but I currently go by the name “Kat Van Gent” with my work. Tell us about you. I was born in Birmingham (United Kingdom) into a small, working class family.  

Dimo Shehlarski aka Dilom

Your Full Name Dimo Shehlarski aka Dilom Tell us about you. I’m a graffiti artist, part-time graphic designer and a graffiti teacher.  

Bruno Hamzagic de Carvalho

Your Full Name Bruno Hamzagic de Carvalho Tell us about you. I’m an artist who likes illustrate and animate in 3d and 2d, always studying and experiencing different ways to give shape to the stuff that I think.