February, 2011

Chitchat: Sarah Loven

Your Full Name Sarah Loven Tell us about you. I’m 20 years young, living in a forest in Ohio, and in love with everything real and beautiful. I shoot all styles of photography, using digital and film.  

Chitchat: Emilie Leger

Your Full Name Emilie Leger. Tell us about you. I am a 23-year old self-taught artist. My art is a neverending quest for freedom.  

Chitchat: Christian Oeser

Your Full Name Christian Oeser Nightline on DeviantART (http://nightline.deviantart.com) Tell us about you. I’m a 28 year old photographer based in Vienna, Austria. After school I successfully completed a course of lectures in multimedia, e-business and streaming technology. Currently I’m working as an information designer and photographer in a big broadcasting company.  

Markina Natalia Alekzndrovna

Your Full Name Markina Natalia Alekzndrovna Tell us about you. Well, I’m a designer, live in Russia, nearby Moscow. As I remember myself I had always liked to draw, tons of paper of sketches, pencils, markers had been my friends all the time. Now I use CG graphic and I like it. I wan to  

Chitchat: Angga Hadilaksananto

Your Full Name Angga Hadilaksananto, but many called angga. Tell us about you. I am 27 years old. I am a self-taught photographer and digital artist. I have worked several times as a contributor photographer on TRAX magazine ( Indonesian music magazine ), and as a photographer in ELLE and Girlfriend Indonesia magazine. I really  

Chitchat: Nataliya Ryabchun

Your Full Name My full name is Nataliya Ryabchun Tell us about you. I am Russian and was born in Moscow. The digital art one of my big passions, that absolutely fascinated me and let me realize the images that live inside me. Because as told W. Somerset Maugham – “Every production of an artist  

Cody Allen Seekins

Your Full Name Cody Allen Seekins Tell us about you. I am a cosmopolitan artist with a shamanic disposition.  

Chitchat: Scott Callow

Your Full Name Scott Callow Tell us about you. I grew up in a rural area, outside of cities and towns. I loved colouring and drawing ever since I was a little boy.  

Claudio Vincenzo Caratti

Your Full Name Claudio “Caddy” Vincenzo Caratti Tell us about you. I am currently preparing for my final exams in secondary-school here in Germany. I am totally into cars, design, fashion and – of course – photography. My dad bought me a Canon Eos 1000D a few years ago and since then I developed several  

Chitchat: Sheridan Johns

1) Your Full Name Sheridan Johns! 2) Tell us about you. (1 or 2 paragraph, 2 or 3 sentences each paragraph) Born in Australia, I’m a Digital Painter/Illustrator who really got into art about seven or eight years ago which was during my mid years of high school (2001). After graduating, I continued my studies