July, 2010

Chitchat: Natalia Pierandrei

Your Full Name My name is Natalia Pierandrei, but I am better known as ‘nati’. Tell us about you I am an art and comic illustrator living and working in Italy. I work part-time as commissioned illustrator from late 2002 when I began accepting freelance art assignments and running my personal website, nati-art.com. I’m not  

Chitchat: Roxana Sagastume

Your Full Name Roxana Sagastume Tell us about you I am a girl that enjoy to see new and great stuff talking about artistic things, also I am a book eater I love to read about almost everything. In my personal life I am very patient person and so easy to be, I do respect  

Chitchat: Konstantin Murashev

Your Full Name My name is Konstantin Murashev Tell us about you First of all I would like to apology for my English, which leaves much to be desired… I very usual person. I was born in 1978 in USSR. I am married 9 years. To my son 8 years. My basic work is the  


Your Full Name JURGENA TAHIRI Tell us about you I was born and raised in Albania. I’m an art student currently studying graphic,painting and drawing.I’m a freelance photographer too.In my free time I usually make sketches,illustrations. I have published some of my artworks in magazines since I was 9 years old.I have been doing art  

Jan Willem Wennekes A.K.A. Zeptonn

Your Full Name Jan Willem Wennekes (mostly known as Zeptonn) Tell us about you Hi there! I’m a freelance creative currently working mostly as illustrative designer and art director. I operate from the great town of Groningen in the Netherlands. I enjoy working on a variety of projects, running from illustration to art direction and  

Adam Guinness Kissel

Your Full Name Adam Guinness Kissel Tell us about you I am a New Zealander by birth of English, Irish & German heritage. I live in Queensland, Australia with my wife and five children. I have a neo-classical photo-manipulative and collage aesthetic but also work on paper, acrylic /mixed media painting, lino print and graphic  

Roberto Campos Moura

Your Full Name Roberto Campos Moura, but betocampos is more recognized. Tell us about you I was a traditional artist. And was not so bad – released my first solo exhibition when I was only 14 years old. One day I decided to replace the old canvas with a Wacom Cintiq, and brushes for Photoshop.  

Silent View Studios

Tell us about you and each of your roles in Silent View Studios Well, Silent-View is the one taking the pictures and doing all the technical stuff while I am doing the post-production. And of course we are both extremely creative so we both are figuring out what to do next. It is all  

Chitchat With Bev

Your Full Name Most people call me Bev. I don’t care what the other people call me. Tell us about you I’m a full time student working towards a degree in education.  I spend a lot of my time outdoors, camping, fishing, the works.  I was born and raised deep in the South, but eventually